Your Complete Website Solution

Your website can grow into one of the strongest appreciating assets of your business if prioritized. We're here to deliver powerful, capable and great looking websites.

Our approach is holistic: deliver a good user experience across many devices & formats while keeping SEO optimization at the forefront of our minds.

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Website Design & Creative Direction

Please contact us for a specific quotes to fine tune your package.

Getting Started with the site you want

A Website your excited to tell your peers about
Google Analytics and Search Console Setup & Integration
SEO Optimization Pass
Client Login for Content Changes

Let's get started with a budget that's affordable and meets your immediate business need. Whether that be landing into organic searches, showcasing your brand, or delivering an engaging experience for your users; we'll optimize and orient our goals accordingly.

There's nothing that's off the table. If you have a vision for your site and your company, or just want a store on the internet, we'll tailor you a custom quote.

*All Packages Require a Cardinal Eye Hosting Plan

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Additional Automation Integration
Full Style Guide & Digital Copy
User Management
User/Community Management
Additional Video & Animation Service
Additional SEO Optimization

Your business is unique, and your site should be too. These packages are for those who value more bespoke design and functionality. Dive into a suite of services that empower your brand's digital presence with custom user interfaces and advanced Webflow features.

From intricate animations that captivate visitors to a fully personalized style guide, your website will stand out against even the largest competitor.

*All Packages Require a Cardinal Eye Hosting Plan

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Launch Impact

Additional Flexible Meeting Schedules with Rapid Development
Additional SEO & PageSpeed Audit Testing
Marketing Automation & Marketing Campaigns
Custom Social Media Marketing Asset Package

Partner with us for a comprehensive strategy that encompasses rapid development, advanced SEO techniques and reporting, and crafted a UI/UX experience. Typically involving a strategic partner, these sites are feature rich and included the marrying of every skillset Cardinal Eye and its partners can bring to the table.

For those considering agency alternatives,  looking to make waves with a online presence; we say look no further, cut out the middlemen, and work directly with the talent.

*All Packages Require a Cardinal Eye Hosting Plan

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Monthly Hosting & Management Plans

Keeping your site running well and growing is our priority. Annually unused support hours will be used for additional reporting or SEO auditing (there will always be more to do).

Cardinal Eye
Hosting Package

or $35/month
Cloud Amazon AWS hosting & CDN
Google API's (Maps, Etc)
Google Analytics Tracking
Client Logins for Content Changes

This options is available for clients to commit edits without the need for larger design changes.

All sites are setup with Google Analytics for remote client tracking & login as well.

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Cardinal Eye
HOsting + Support

or $95/month
Everything in the CE Hosting Package
Additional Automation Services
Custom Analytics & Google Search Console Report
Several Hours of Cardinal Eye Priority Support

*Highly Recommended, the first level support package allows you to keep an open line to your web developer. Need a content change, or maybe a new designed page, or maybe an SEO report with fixes that were made to improve your Google search? Additional support hours are directed where you need while any unused annual hours at the end of the year will be used to further report & refine your SEO scores.

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CE Hosting +
Extended Support

or $180/month
Everything in Business Hosting
Everything in
Additional Hours of Support
Annual Website Performance Review
Flexible Hours to Cardinal Eye's Entire Suite of Services

Your needs are seasonal and you need an extra hand with digital marketing and a website gopher. You don't feel as if you have enough tasks to commit to larger retainer package but know you'll be needing steady work and contact moving into the future.

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Animation grabs attention and keeps it.

In marketing, it's crucial for making your message clear and memorable. On websites and in videos, it differentiates your brand, simplifies complex ideas, and boosts engagement. Investing in animation means higher conversion rates. It's not just an add-on; it's a must-have for standing out and connecting with your audience effectively.


New software has allowed motion graphic artists to cover more ground faster than ever before. Its important to recognize when these new A.I. tools can take the workflow a leap forward, but just as important to know when not to. The best solution lies in marrying these tools with a client's vision, creating a polished & unique product, all on a demanding time frame.  

Animated Logos

Seal your branding with polished animated logo
Budget scalable to your needs and artistic direction
Delivery in a variety of formats

Cap off your videos and energize your website with an animated logo that sticks in viewers' minds. A well-crafted animated logo not only captures attention as it comes to life but also reinforces brand identity. It's an investment in making every exit a memorable brand interaction, and every website visit more dynamic.

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Explainer Videos

Animated Characters or Motion Graphics to tell your message.
Tell your story in a new and fun way
Includes Voice Acting scout and audio blending
Delivery in a variety of formats

With tailored characters and graphics, and integrated professional voice-overs, we tell your story in a way that's compelling and easy to understand. Delivered in various formats for maximum reach.

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Compositing & Effects

Custom Quote
Add additional elements (smoke, sunshine, 3d models & more to your scenes)
Unique Scene Transitions
Fast & Powerful workflow using the latest tools available including Adobe AI
Collaborative atmosphere where we work with your vision and iterate on your feedback

We specialize in adding layers of depth with unique transitions and high-end effects using the latest tools that are available for fast workflow and turn around.

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Capturing professional video with quality equipment, we tell your brand's story with clarity and impact. High-quality visuals and sharp editing deliver your message in different mediums. This is storytelling with a purpose, crafted to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Cardinal Eye Video Preview


We're a firm believer in getting the most milage out of your footage. A single production day can provide assets for your website, social media posts, and advertising campaigns. We'll provide you the formats you need to maximize your investment into video.

ON Location Video Production

$500/half day
$1000/full day
Single Camera - 5K -4K Recordings on LUMIX S5 iiX or Blackmagic Pocket4k
Variety of lens for varied focal lengths
Audio Recording for Interviews
Cordial and Experienced Camera Operators
Delivery in ProRes, Blackmagic RAW, H.264, H.265
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Complete Video Production

Includes Completed Video 
(Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production)
Multiple Camera Setup & Film Crew
Includes Animated Logo Slate
Delivery in a variety of formats
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We bring together expert web design, targeted marketing automation, and high-quality video and animation to drive your business's growth. Our strength lies in this unified approach — creating a digital presence that engages your audience and consistently delivers results.

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Put plainly, the labor cost on service hours is significantly less. We want to grow with your business and in doing so will provide extra value for longer term commitments. Benefit from proactive strategies, ongoing optimization, and consistent brand evolution, all at a value-focused rate.

If you're still looking to have broad access to Cardinal Eye services, but don't need so many monthly service hours, please review our Managed Website Hosting for more affordable annual options.


*Annual Commitment*

5+ Monthly Creative & Design Hours applied to the following services:
Website Concepting, Design & Creation
Marketing Automation through 3rd party apps
Video Editing & Video Production
Website & Video Animation
Logo Design & Iterations
SEO Analytics & Reports
Phone & Email Support
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Growing Strategic Partnership

*Annual Commitment*

Everything in the starting Business Package, increased to move at scale.
+Additional 5 Creative and Design Hours for use on any service.
*On Site Video Production
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