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Web Service Packages

Business Level Websites

Starting at $2000

Establishing a strong web presence is part of any successful business marketing campaign. For companies looking to tap into the rapidly expanding e-commerce arena, we'll work with you to create a powerful and attractive online store.

General Estimates

Starting/Small Business

Let's get started with a budget that's affordable and meets your immediate business need.


Mid Sized Business

Commit to the extra polish, and additional automation that can be combined in a Cardinal Eye Business Suite.


Corporate Package

Typically involving a strategic partner, these sites are feature rich and included the marrying of every skillset Cardinal Eye and its partners can bring to the table.


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Video Production & Animation

Cinematic Video & Animations

Starting at $500

Professional video is one of the most effective ways to leave an impactful & lasting impression on your audience. We combine production cameras, drone footage, after-effects animations, and local talent to create quality videos for your business.

General Estimates

Animated Logos

Nothing seals your brand better than a professionally animated version of your logo.


Full Service Video Production

From pre-production planning to the post-production edits and tweaking. We work with your vision to create powerful & lasting video assets.


Corporate Video Production

Typically involving a strategic partner, these videos require additional crew & equipment.


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Looking for drone footage?

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Static and dynamic content editing

  • More than 100+ components

  • Five ready demos

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